zondag 25 december 2011

WTD and the CITY (part 1)

Christmas in New York city is really magical. the whole town is in the holiday spirit, swinging and singing salvation army folk at almost every corner, light EVERYWHERE and a lot of people on a shopping-spree....ME included !!!

when you are in NEW YORK for the holiday's try to get your-self to the christmas tree lightning ceremony at rockefeller center....AMAZING !!!and yes that's that BIEBER boy at rockefeller center, the little girls standing around me drove me crazy with their screaming but hey it's Christmas ;)the beautiful ribbon of CARTIERjust around the corner of rockefeller center there is the lovely store of JUCY COUTURE, i am in love with their staircase.let's go to THE holiday department store: MACY'S i strolled through the ails and visited SANTA but i do not like this department store, this one would not survive in Europe, to OLD and scruffy looking....please re-vamp this store and welcome it to the 21Th centuryacross the street: VICTORIA'S SECRET man do i love love love this lingerie heaven :Da true stylist and blogger you can not leave New York without seeing the amazing boutique of PATRICIA FIELD, her staff is really adorable and the store it-self: ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC

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