donderdag 29 december 2011

WTD and the CITY (part 3)

LAST DAY IN THE CITY & THE PARK !!!one of the 2 towers, home of BEYONCE with hubby JAY-Z and many other celebrity's, the other one for doing business.that glass tower in the middle: THE HEARST MAGAZINE BUILDING, home of JOE ZEE and his ELLE usa staff.ME enjoying central park (with my BURBERRY PRORSUM bag, VERSACE sneakers, TOM FORD lipstick, purchases from TIFFANY & CO and a lovely skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks).VIEW OF THE CITYYES, my girl RAMONA enjoyed the view of this amazing city as-wellhard to find, but after a long quest AND climb, we did: BELVEDERE CASTLEME and my girls
SO, this is the end of my NEW YORK trip, we had fun, we cried, we did some shopping (me most of the time like EVERY minute of EVERY day ;) we laughed, we lost each other during the Rockefeller Christmas tree lightning, then got lost 2 more times together BUT after all WE HAD ONE HELL OF A PARTY, THANKS GIRLS !!!

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