dinsdag 27 december 2011

WTD and the CITY (part 2)


on a sunny and cold first of December in New York, i went to pay my respect to this great and fabulous city, on the place where it all ones was: WORLD TRADE CENTER....now a beautiful memorial park with 2 big square shaped fountains....the silence on this construction site was unbelievable, the emotions that welled-up inside of me even more so.
after i payed my respect to this city, i want to enjoy it even more....let's go to BROOKLYN !!! what a bridge, what an view, WHAT A CITY !!!one of the most special places of Brooklyn, is under and between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridgeswearing my black trench-coat, forever 21 purple leopard belt, VERSACE for H&M sneakers and my beloved purple patent leather BURBERRY PRORSUM runway bag.after a long stroll you gonna get your tummy rumbling....SO, it's time for these 3 lady's (me and my girls) to hit a real pizza place and damn it was good.time to git back to the city, not by foot this time but cosy in a cab....next stop: BATTERY PARKones we reached Battery park, i put my girls on the ferry to see LADY LIBERTY up close and personal, me my-self saw her close enough from the park....I WENT SHOPPING ;)

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