maandag 13 augustus 2012


This post will be the last one about the London 2012 Olympics, our Dutch players arrived back home today so i have to let you know about our last won medals....First-up the BRONZE ones at women BMX, sailing, SILVER for the hockey men team and GOLD for the ladies hockey team....THAT'S JUST AMAZING, DON'T YOU THINK !!!
RALPH LAUREN fall 2012

WE WON 20 MEDALS IN TOTAL AND THAT'S 4 MORE THEN IN BEIJING, 8 Bronze, 6 Silver and 6 GOLD.....with these numbers, we are now 13Th on the world ranking....a very good job from our little country !!! I'm sooo proud of our Dutch team, congratulation to you all !!! RIO HERE WE COME ;)

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