zondag 5 augustus 2012


I MAY NOT BE THE GREENEST FASHION BLOGGER OUT THERE but this post i really want to share with you: GUCCI GOES GREEN !!! They designed a sandal from recycled plastic and even the Gucci logo is environment-friendly because it's Biodegradable....YES, you red this right....BIO-DE-GRAD-ABLE !!!
BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL, Gucci also got rid of their not so environment-friendly (but fabulous)packing's, gift wraps and shopping-bags, they two are now biodegradable (and still fabulous ;)
GUCCI is on it's way to be the greenest fashion house possible and that's a very good thing (hope that this will not eventually lead to bio-wool knitted sheep socks with Gucci logo, on the other hand THAT would be very cool ;) 

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