dinsdag 28 augustus 2012


Shortly it will be Autumn and I'm dreaming of my new wardrobe almost every day, BUT what will be making my carefully selected fall outfits in killer fashion looks....a killer make-up line, and i found THE one who will do exactly that....the Autumn 2012 colour collection by TOM FORD.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: Mister TOM FORD created an new line under his private blend, JARDIN NOIR fragrance collection. A journey to the darker side of florals and explores the forbidden sides of 4 of the most treasured blooms of the perfume world....Rose, Narcissus, Lily and Hyacinth....SOUNDS MYSTERIOUS and that's JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT !!!

The launch of this make-up and fragrance line will be with a big bang, on the 4Th of September there will be a exclusive launch party at Selfridges London, with some nice music, fingerfood and lovely drinks. Everybody can attend this feast by letting them know that your are on your way (with or without a blank face), just call the TOM FORD beauty counter 020 7318 3017....ENJOY !!!

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