zondag 5 augustus 2012


Today is the 50Th anniversary of her passing in 1962, no other woman is still sooo popular after her dead then Marilyn Monroe. Last year there was a new movie about her life starring Michelle Williams, Last month new pop icon LANA DEL REY released a video for her single "National Anthem" that starts with her singing Happy Birthday to the president in the same sexy way and in a same nude sequined dress as she did to JFK in 1962. Miss Monroe even was brought back to life to appears in the new J'ADORE Dior perfume commercial along with Charlize Theron, which could be the modern-day version of Marilyn Monroe.
If Marilyn was still with us to this day and the above picture would be taking place again....would she be wearing this OSCAR DE LA RENTA fall 2012 dress ??? THAT question will never be answered, but i think it's definitely a YES !!!
Finally a quote by Marilyn Monroe her-self (and she had a few very good ones), MY personal slogan from now on....FEAR IS STUPID....you said that just right miss Monroe, thanks !!!

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