woensdag 8 december 2010

expo Matthew Williamson

on the day that the whole (fashion) world is talking about his upcoming bridal collection, i wanna share my visit to his exhibition with you....i am talking about MATTHEW WILLIAMSON of course.
It was a very cold day in London and when i arrived at Somerset house, i had forgotten that there was a special (as in sponsored by TIFFANY'S & CO) ice-skating-ring, it was a real winter fairy-tail for your eye's....a giant Christmas-tree, hot coco, ice-skating and Tiffany blue....as far as the eye could see....in the biggest Tiffany Box (see below), there was even a cute little candy/jewelry shop (bought me some gingerbread and a candy-cane there, i couldn't resist).and when the cold got to me, i walked inside to see the exhibition (I'm not gonna let you see much from the expo itself though, it is fun to see for your self).some amazing pictures by great photographers such as Steven Meisel and Nick Knight on the wall....even the sofa had an "Ibiza style" touch to it.if you are in London, visit this lovely expo at the Somerset house, where you can see pictures of him-self and of his past collections (backstage and on the runway)....it will be on display till 30 January 2011....have fun !!!
on my way out, i passed by the RIZZOLI bookshop and saw this book....you know me....GOT TO HAVE IT (of course)....and i bought a scented candle at the Matthew Williamson store to put beside it on my coffee-table....WELL DONE, DEAR MATTHEW.

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