maandag 13 december 2010

schedule AIFW a/w 2011

VERY LOVELY NEWS (to get a little warmer inside on this cold and snowy day), the schedule of the upcoming AIFW is out.... AND I LIKE IT !!!

this will be a wonderful fashion week (in every fashion aspect of this sentence).

first up the designer who will open the AIFW: JAN TAMINIAU on wednesday the 26Th of January
then dutch womens-wear designer: MONIQUE COLLIGNON with her adored MC by MONIQUE COLLIGNON collection on Friday the 28Thand then the very lovely designer: TONY COHEN....this one is the ONE to see !!! and his show will be held on saturday the 29Th in between there are more fashion-shows of course (SUPERTRASH, ADDY van den KROMMENACKER and many more), but if i had to pick a few, these designers are on the top of my list.

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