vrijdag 10 december 2010

meet & greet the BOND street.

After 2 day's of shopping in London....i decided to do some "SIGHTSEEING" SO, i went to Bond street, with a lovely guide (me) !!!

WELCOME TO BOND STREET, when you look to your right, you can see London's largest x-mas present (CARTIER).
if you look straight ahead, you can catch a glimpse of the prince of jewelry (HARRY WINSTON).look at the left side, we arrived at a famous french design institute (LOUIS VUITTON), but it more fun inside, so follow me. let's go up-stairs with this amazing elevator and feel free to take a picture.now we arrived at the first floor....LADY'S WEAR....here we can see a LV trunk that will easy go trough the inspection at your local airport....(GOT TO HAVE IT).to celebrate the end of this tour on bond street, i will let you enjoy this window display from London's #1 retailer in leather-goods (MULBERRY).i hope you have enjoyed this tour, and i will be looking forward for your return....then i will take you trough the wonderful world of ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (who has a terrific store here on this street)....bye bye for now.

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