vrijdag 17 december 2010

Merci Carine !!!

After 10 years of being the editor in chief at the french vogue, she says goodbye to this amazing magazine (big words....i know....but it's true)....MERCI, CARINE ROITFELD....that is what we all say !!!
i had the opportunity to meet her ones at the GARETH PUGH f/w 2010 runway show during Paris fashion week, and it's one of my well-cherished moments.
her electric style made the French vogue to the most adored edition of the world and it made her-self a beloved fashion icon....pencil-skirts, silk blouses, leopard print, fur, the color black, leather and sexy high heels of course (there are even some fashionistas who "adopt" her last name)....look de Carine:but it isn't all glamour being Carine....early this year she (and her crew) was banned from the BALANCIAGA show....RIGHT AT THE DOOR, she smirked, turned on her heels and walked away, but the question that lingers is WHY??? nobody really knows.
WHAT she's gonna do now, i don't know, but she says that she wants to spend more time one her own interests....and that's interesting, but who can fill-up her shoes ??? only time will tell.

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