dinsdag 7 december 2010

Happy at Harrods

next stop....HARRODS....i just love it there (if you skip the tourist-route).
first i have to show you 2 of the windows....famous all around the world !!!OK, let's cut the chit-chat....SHOP TILL WE DROP !!!

i have 3 thing's on my list that i have to score at Harrods, first-up the DOLCE & GABBANA beauty stand (we don't have it in the Netherlands, SO it was all OOOH and AAAH. i was eyeing for this gold nail-polish and this fabulous black mascara, when i received my little "goodie" bag there was a present in it as-well....the lovely sales assistant put a DOLCE & GABBANA eyelash curler (bye bye SHU UEMURA) with my purchases....how very kind.
and when i turned around, what did my eye see....TOM FORD beauty....i GOT TO HAVE his new designed lipstick....SO i did, in this amazing color....SMOKED RED.OK, i need a coffee break....my head is twirling from excitement....and where else to go but LADUREE (my favorite place to go in Paris AND London), but i can't keep sitting in my seat....I GOT TO GET me that JOHN GALLIANO box with macarons....MMMMM.AND THEN THE CLOCK HIT 8 PM, TIME TO GO BACK TO THE HOTEL, CHANGE AND EAT.it was a very lovely day at this very lovely amusement-park and i got really connected....I AM OF TODAY AN OFFICIAL HARRODS CUSTOMER (thanks to this fabulous little black card). YEEHA !!!

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